Kettle Moraine is Newest SWBMAI Member Band

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The band Kettle Moraine, named after the geographic region of Wisconsin formed when two lobes of the last great glacier collided and ultimately receded, plays acoustic and bluegrass music ranging from traditional bluegrass and folk to songs that vary from contemporary pop, to jazz and country. All songs are done with a heartfelt passion in their own style. Additionally, the band plays songs from the Piper Road Spring Band‘s album Kettle Moraine. Kettle Moraine consists of Barry Riese on guitar, Jim Carrier on banjo, Dale Ward on mandolin and John Jirak on bass. The four had been jamming off and on and decided to get serious in the fall of 2010 after playing at a couple of fund raisers. Kettle Moraine debuted in January of 2011. Barry (BlackBarry) Riese has been playing bluegrass, country and folk music since 1973. Known for his rich vocals and strong rhythm guitar playing, BlackBarry was a founding member of the Piper Road Spring Band. John Jirak began his musical performance career playing the tuba in the junior high band. “My interest in bluegrass sprung from the movie Deliverance as I seemed to have identified with the young man that played the banjo. I began playing the banjo with various folks in the northeastern WI and Madison areas beginning in the 80s, most notably with the Green Bay based Fox River Flyer. A bass player as well, I’ve performed shows with the Chicago Bluegrass Band, Miltown Ramblers, East Hill Bluegrass Band, Krause Family Band, Old Cool, Spare Time Bluegrass Band, Bob Steeno and The Old Truck, and Down From the Hills. Current gigs include The New Pio-neers and Madison’s newest, Kettle Moraine.” Jim Carrier was driving to a Spanish guitar lesson when he heard Dueling Banjos on the radio. Goodbye classical gas. A former trombone and piano player, he has played in several bluegrass bands: Connecticut – Hop River Bluegrass Band, Minnesota – Platte Valley Boys, South Dakota – Black Hills Bluegrass Band, and Alabama – a bunch of Hank Williams wannabes. He likes to stretch bluegrass boundaries while tuning his five strings. Playing with PRSB from 1973 through 1978, he is featured on the band‘s first two albums, the second of which is entitled Kettle Moraine. During his time with Piper Road Spring Band, BlackBarry toured Europe, and played at venues and festivals all over the United States including Bill Monroe‘s Bean Blossom Bluegrass festival and on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry. “Since leaving the Piper Road Spring Band, I have been privileged to play with many other fine musicians at countless jam sessions and in numerous other bands including Liberty Prairie, the Bluegrass Orphans, The Old Truck, and the infamous Bill Ackbarry and the Kromers,” Riese said. “I hope my friends and fans will enjoy the band Kettle Moraine.” Dale Ward started playing music at age 14. Self taught, he played rock ‘n’ roll, country / country rock, played in polka/old time bands and now acoustic/bluegrass. He started playing guitar and bass and eventually learned banjo, fiddle, upright bass, dobro and mandolin. He sings high tenor and harmonies. Bands: Revolutionary, Homer Bedloe, Sidewinder, Cactus Club, Lickety Split, Jefferson County Bluegrass Band, SpareTime Bluegrass Band and Kettle Moraine.


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