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Rhonda Vincent & Daryle Singletary Duet Album due July 7

Sat, 05/27/2017 - 19:54

Nashville, TN -- Rhonda Vincent, who The Wall Street Journal dubbed “The New Queen of Bluegrass,” is teaming up with country sensation Daryle Singletary for the upcoming duets album, American Grandstand, set for release July 7. The project delivers real traditional country music with a unique American twist. This must-have album will be released via Upper Management Music, and fans can pre-order American Grandstand HERE

“I’ve always loved singing with Daryle Singletary. He’s one of the greatest singers in this generation of country music,” said Vincent. “It’s so fun to sing with someone who challenges me as a singer. The songs were given great thought, along with one that was totally unexpected. It’s one of the best projects I’ve ever been part of. I am so proud of this recording, and I cannot wait for the world to hear our wonderful creation, American Grandstand.”

The lead single, “One,” offers the very first taste of American Grandstand. The slow love song takes fans on a musical journey. The track may sound familiar, as it was previously made famous by country legends George Jones and Tammy Wynette, whose demanding vocal duets helped propel both acts to superstardom. Singletary and Vincent first performed “One” together at the legendary Grand Ole Opry at the Ryman Auditorium in April of 2016. Due to the overwhelming response, the dynamic pair chose to add the track to American Grandstand.

Rhonda Vincent Teams Up With Daryle Singletary On Upcoming Duets Album American Grandstand Set for Release July 7

Standout songs include the title track, which was written by Vincent. When Vincent and Singletary were first trying to think of a title, American Grandstand stood out, which by definition is “to behave or speak in a way that is intended to impress people and to gain public approval.” This isn’t Vincent’s first venture into country music, as her previous Grammy-nominated studio album Only Me featured a combination of six traditional country songs and six bluegrass tracks, featuring “We Must Have Been Out of Our Minds,” which is also included on American Grandstand.

“Rhonda and I have been singing together since my first CD on Giant Records in 1994. I've been a fan of Rhonda's singing before that, but since then for sure and it's obvious as she has sung on most of my Indie records as a background vocalist or a duet partner,” said Daryle Singletary. “If you love traditional country music, and remember songs originally sung by well-known duet partners like George Jones and Tammy Wynette, Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn, and Merle Haggard and Bonnie Owens, this is a must-have CD that we are extremely excited about.”

Fans will have the chance to experience both Singletary and Vincent together as they play select shows later this year (full schedule HERE). Fans in the Nashville area will get multiple opportunities to experience traditional music at its finest, as the pair will appear on the hit show, “Music City Roots," along with an appearance at CMA Music Festival, plus a must-see album release party at The Nashville Palace.

American Grandstand Track Listing:

  1. “Above and Beyond”
  2. “One”
  3. “After The Fire Is Gone”
  4. “American Grandstand”
  5. “Slowly But Surely”
  6. “As We Kiss Our World Goodbye”
  7. “Can’t Live Life”
  8. “Golden Ring”
  9. “We Must Have Been Out of Our Minds”
  10. “Louisiana Woman Mississippi Man”
  11. “A Picture of Me Without You”
  12. “Up This Hill and Down”
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12 Year Old Mikaya Taylor Releases her First Original Single

Fri, 05/26/2017 - 20:40

12 Year Old Mikaya Taylor continues to impress and this young age. She recorded her first CD at 10 and it made it across the country with your airplay. She now has recorded her first original single about her personal life story. This is my first original single release about my personal life story.

A song entitled "I Never Really Knew Him" written by Barbara Owens. This song has already touched thousands of people when they heard it. It is a powerful story about how I have been affected by not having my father in my life. I hope that everyone who listens to my song is touched in a special way and blessed beyond measure. I hope to send out a message of hope to kids out there that they can be a successful part of society without their absent parent and even though they weren't around they can be OK without them.

There is such a strong message in this song that even father's and mother's who have left their children have messaged us telling how this song has had a huge impact on them. I'm certain you won't be disappointed. Everyone knows someone that can relate to my song. Who knows, depending on how well this song does we may do a whole new album with this song as the title cut.

At age 10, Mikaya Taylor entered the Female Bluegrass Vocalist World with a Bang. She is being called "Kentucky’s Singing Angel" and has quite a following at area Festivals and on Social Media. Mikaya lives in a small town called Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. She is in the 5th grade. Mikaya has been singing since she was two around the house.

She has always had a great love for music. She sang her first song publicly at Woodland Arts Festival and following her performance she was immediately booked for Festival of the Bluegrass in 2016. People immediately fell in love with her. On October 19th, 2015 Mikaya was a Woodsongs Kid on the Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour with Michael Johnathon. That was the best night of her life!!!

A year later at age 11, Mikaya recorded her first CD called Small Town Big Heart. She was honored to have Curt Chapman play Bass from the band Flashback, Danny Barnes on Mandolin from the band Blind Ricky, Frank Kemper on Guitar previously from Kentucky Blue and Kevin Chilton on Banjo with Kentucky Spirit. Her album was recorded at Old Time Recording Studio by Danny Barnes and Randall Conn.

Mikaya didn't hold back. She tackled the high bar head on. "Blue Kentucky Girl" became best known by Emmylou Harris on the album by the same name. Mikaya pulled it off. Then with "Ashes of Love" she again proves that she is willing to measure up. Then with the Alison Krauss cover "When You Say Nothing At All," she adds her own inflection and again records an very listenable track. Then, she even goes after the Dolly Parton hit, "Jolene." A bit faster tempo than the original but the feeling is there which makes this song such a big hit.

This is a young talent to keep an eye on. She has the dedication, insight and talent to go far.

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Bluegrass at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Festival

Thu, 05/25/2017 - 19:15

With the recent success of the title track to their recording on the John Boy & Billy label, 4th & Goal, Terry Baucom’s Dukes of Drive become the first-ever Bluegrass band booked during Canton, Ohio’s Annual Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Festival, to celebrate the new Hall of Fame inductees for 2017: Morten Andersen, Terrell Davis, Kenny Easley, Jerry Jones, Jason Taylor, Ladainian Tomlinson, and Kurt Warner.

The week long celebration features many different activities, including the NFL/Hall of Fame Game. Baucom and band will be laying the drivin’ Bluegrass on the crowd during their set -- sharing the main stage honors with Toby Keith and Kid Rock.

Baucom says, of course, they are honored. “Being huge football fans, this type of booking in the main stream means a lot to the band.” The song that ‘got the ball rolling’ so to speak, was “Fourth and Goal”, written by Paula Breedlove and Brad Davis. Breedlove happens to be a resident of Canton. One of her old classmates, David Little, has worked over the years in production of many major sporting events and has working relationships with many of the Hall of Fame executives and staff.

After hearing the song, he knew it would be a perfect fit and worked tirelessly to see that the band got a set on the main stage for one of Ohio’s biggest events. He shared information with the Hall on Baucom’s musical credentials of 4 decades and the right connections were made. Or as Bauc likes to say, “when it was 4th & Goal, we slipped into the end zone in a big way!”

Terry Baucom’s Dukes of Drive will be performing on the Main Stage of the festival on Sunday, August 6, 2017 from 2:30 to 3:00pm. We know lots of Bluegrass fans love football. Hopefully a lot of football fans will love Bluegrass, too!

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EmiSunshine Featured in Documentary Premiered at Cannes

Wed, 05/24/2017 - 19:55

Nashville, TN -- EmiSunshine enjoyed a special and spectacular welcome at the 70th Festival de Cannes this past weekend in Cannes, France. Upon the invitation of notable film director Eugene Jarecki, the twelve-year-old from East Tennessee concluded her show at the Southgate House Revival (Newport, KY) and hopped a plane to travel to the French Riviera (some 13-plus hours) to attend one of the film industry's most-famed and elite events, brushing elbows with Hollywood's most decorated producers, screenwriters, directors and actors (Will Smith, Nicole Kidman, Clint Eastwood and Jessica Chastain to name a few).

The invitation is an extension following Emi's guest appearance in Jarecki's documentary titled Promised Land—one of the featured films at the 2017 Cannes Festival world premiere screening on Saturday, May 20. The film also highlights Emi's performance of her self-penned/self-produced track "Danny Ray" (and the bonus track from her new CD project, Ragged Dreams, anticipated in August 2017).

A portrait and musical story told from the back seat of Elvis Presley's 1963 Rolls Royce, Jarecki carries performers on a music-filled road trip across the U.S. picking up passengers (famous and not-so-famous) as they travel through an America at a crossroads in the midst of the 2016 election.

"We were all stuffed into the back seat of a hot car, with our instruments for more than six hours...driving the streets of Nashville. It was probably the most uncomfortable and best car ride I've ever had. new meaning to the word 'jammin'!" EmiSunshine said of the experience. Other notable folks who make an appearance in the back seat include: Alec Baldwin, Ethan Hawke, Ashton Kutcher and Stax Music Academy singers.

The preteen has become a sought-after song crafter for film, television and books; EmiSunshine music has been featured in various films and books. Her songs "I Am Able" and "Little Blackbird" are spotlighted in the "More Than Words" documentary (produced by Grammy Winner and Founder of the Documentary Channel, Suzanne Homes); "I Am Able" also appears in the Amazon/Barnes & Noble Bestseller "The Ables." For more information on EmiSunshine, visit:

EmiSunshine became a global sensation when a video of her singing in a music store went viral; the world fell in love with the little nine-year-old gal from Knoxville, TN. The natural-born singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist beams with exceptional and inexplicable talents. Steeped in Appalachian music, Emi is a true vocal stylist whose music has been described as "old-timey."

She adds her own unique blend of roots music that is equal parts Americana, Bluegrass, Gospel and Country with a touch of Blues. Influenced by legendary trendsetters (Loretta Lynn, Tanya Tucker, Emmy Lou Harris, Dixie Chicks and Patty Lovelace), Emi has the uncommon ability to combine her lively, bubbly disposition with deep, meaningful and rather dark song content. Her storylines are derived by her youthful imagination, her admiration for The Louvin Brothers and her love of horror movies.

The now fearless tween performer plays nearly 75 dates on stages across the country; she has performed on the Today show, at the Ryman Auditorium and the Grand Ole Opry (on more than a dozen occasions). EmiSunshine has released seven projects to date to attract nearly a half million Facebook followers and is set to release her much-anticipated Ragged Dreams, featuring 14 self-penned tracks and co-writes, in late August 2017. For more information on EmiSunshine, visit:

About Promised Land: (Ghost in the Machine, Charlotte Street Films, Backup Studio) Directed by Eugene Jarecki, the two-hour documentary film Promised Land is set against the 2016 presidential election and takes a musical road trip across America in Elvis Presley's 1963 Rolls Royce forty years after the singer's death. The mission is to find the country that Elvis left behind--a nation that, similar to Elvis, started out young, beautiful and promising, yet succumbed over time to the corrosive influences of addiction, money and power, Promised Land paints a cultural portrait of the American dream at a critical time in our nation's history.

Through music and verité, the film explores how a country boy lost his authenticity and became a "King" while his country lost her democracy and became an empire. Jarecki wrote, directed and also produced the pic alongside Christopher St. John and David Kuhn; Barbara Biemann, David Atlan Jackson, Jean-Baptiste Babin and Joel Thibout are executive producers. For further information, please visit:

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First Doc & Merle Watson Box Set Released

Tue, 05/23/2017 - 19:51

The Owsley Stanley Foundation is pleased to announce the release of Doc & Merle Watson: Never the Same Way Once – Live at the Boarding House – May “A legend recording a legend,” is how Doc Watson’s long-time bassist T. Michael Coleman describes these rare live recordings of the American bluegrass giant by counter-culture icon and concert sound pioneer Owsley Stanley (known as Bear to his family and friends). Doc & Merle Watson: Never the Same Way Once – Live at the Boarding House – May 1974 is kind of a long name for an album but, this isn't an ordinary album and, the material is a long list of tracks -- 7 CDs worth.

This set of exquisitely recorded live concerts of Doc & Merle Watson at The Boarding House in San Francisco is from 4 live shows recorded in 1974 by the legendary soundman Owsley Stanley. It contains 94 tracks, including several rare tracks and songs played for the first/only time by Doc & Merle. This is the first box set of live concert recordings of Doc & Merle Watson and is the first release created by the Owsley Stanley Foundation, a non-profit established to preserve and steward Owsley’s legendary recordings, which are renowned for their quality and clarity. These performances have not been heard since the nights they were played more than 40 years ago and have been preserved and restored to the highest audiophile standards. Each night is distinctly brilliant and equally captivating – reflecting differences in the playing, sound recording techniques, and the energy in the room.

Doc Watson was a legendary American flat-picking guitarist, songwriter and singer of bluegrass, folk, country, blues, and gospel music, who won 7 GRAMMY Awards and a GRAMMY Lifetime Achievement Award. He performed with his son, the multi-instrumentalist Merle Watson, for more than 15 years until Merle’s death in 1985. Live recordings from this peak period for Doc and Merle in the 1970s are rare.

The album debuted recently at the 30th anniversary of MerleFest, the premiere bluegrass festival, named after Merle Watson and hosted in Wilkesboro, North Carolina. It is available now exclusively at a target="_blank" href=""> as a 7 CD box set covering four nights of shows, with 32 tracks available for digital download. The box set features a 16-page booklet of liner notes including new work by Watson collaborators T. Michael Coleman and David Holt. A broader release, as well as audiophile format vinyl and analog tape releases of single nights from the run will follow on June 23.

1960’s counter-culture icon Owsley Stanley, known as “Bear” to his friends, was an audio innovator who helped create the first high-fidelity concert sound systems for rock and roll. As an early patron and first soundman of the Grateful Dead, he amplified, recorded, and influenced many other seminal artists in the psychedelic music scene of San Francisco and beyond in the 1960s and early 1970s, and was known for his focus on products of the highest quality. From the start, Bear recorded nearly every artist that played through a sound system that he built, trying to capture the music precisely as the audience heard it, using the recordings to help him improve his sound. The techniques he developed to create what he called his “Sonic Journals” resulted in recordings of unparalleled quality and clarity, capturing the sound of the room like no-one else.

“Bear had tagged these shows as among the gems in his Sonic Journal archive, in both the quality of the performances and the quality of the sound, which is why we chose them as the first project to develop since his passing,” said Starfinder Stanley, Owsley’s son and President of the Owsley Stanley Foundation. Owsley, who died in Queensland, Australia in 2011, left an archive of over 1,300 recordings covering diverse artists and idioms. Known as Bear’s Sonic Journals, they served as working tools as he innovated his live music recording and sound production techniques, still widely used today.

‘Never the Same Way Once’ was mastered by Jeffrey Norman of Mockingbird Mastering, a frequent Grateful Dead mastering engineer and one of Bear’s trusted friends and colleagues. State-of-the-art Plangent Process transfer techniques were used to remove subtle timing distortions created by the recording and playback devices (wow and flutter), resulting in the most accurate replication of the music, exactly as it was heard on the night it was played.

This 7 CD set is packaged in a 5.5 inch wide x 5 inch high x 1.75 inch deep box, featuring 94 tracks, including extraordinary flatpicking of a broad range of music, from bluegrass to swing jazz to rockabilly to gut-bucket blues, and contemporary folk. They will be available in stores on June 23rd, but can be purchased now at

The included 16 page booklet contains contemporaneous photographs of Doc & Merle as well as of “Old Hoss,” Doc’s first Gallagher guitar which he played from 1968-1974. Old Hoss was retired after this tour and is also featured in the cover art ??– an original poster by ?frequent ?Grateful Dead ?artist, Mike DuBois, based on a design by Bear’s son, Starfinder. Also included is a new in-depth interview with bassist T. Michael Coleman, who performs with Doc and Merle on these recordings, and an original essay by David Holt, 4-time GRAMMY winner and a longtime Doc Watson collaborator.

Future releases from this box set will be available on half-speed master, 45 RPM 180g audiophile vinyl and on reel-to-reel analog tape, both mastered directly analog-to-analog by Paul Stubblebine, who worked with Bear on the Big Brother and the Holding Company featuring Janis Joplin Sonic Journals album released by Sony in 2012.

The Owsley Stanley Foundation is a 501c(3) dedicated to the preservation of “Bear’s Sonic Journals,” Owsley’s archive of more than 1,300 live concert soundboard recordings from the 1960s and 1970s, including recordings by Miles Davis, Johnny Cash, The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Fleetwood Mac, Janis Joplin, and more than 80 other artists across nearly every musical idiom. All proceeds from the development of the recordings further the continuing charitable purpose of preserving Bear’s Sonic Journals and perpetuating Owsley's legacy.

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Milan Bluegrass Festival Adds Country Legend Gene Watson

Mon, 05/22/2017 - 19:11

Milan, MI (May 18, 2017)—Known as one of Bluegrass music's most popular and long-running events, the Milan Bluegrass Festival has added country music legend Gene Watson to this year's lineup of talent commemorating their 20th Anniversary under the leadership of Mark Gaynier.

Founded in 1980, the Milan Bluegrass Festival located at KC Campground immediatley offered premier talent including the father of Bluegrass, Bill Monroe. But the festival took a 10-year hiatus in 1986 after the passing of the campground's owner. Gaynier purchased KC Campground in 1996 and officially launched the festival once again beginning in 1998. Since then, Gaynier has grown the campground and festival attendance by adding additional camping sites for RVs and car parking, and improved the event's stage and audience area.

2017 will mark the 20th festival produced by Gaynier who wanted to commemorate the milestone with a special event. "We had originally planned to have Daryle Singletary, but due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, he is no longer available to us," stated Gaynier. "So when we began thinking about the longevity and history of our festival, it made perfect sense to bring Gene Watson in as our Saturday night headliner. He's a country music legend with decades of hits—23 Top-Ten to be exact—and his recent recordings and appearances with the "Queen of Bluegrass," Rhonda Vincent, has brought him a ton of new fans who happen to be the very patrons we attract at our festival. Classic Country and Bluegrass are a perfect marriage, and we'll have them both at our festival this year!"

Rhonda Vincent, Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out, Lonesome River Band
Headline Festival's 20th Anniversary

In addition to Watson, the festival will offer an unprecedented lineup of top-notch talent including the Thursday, Friday and Saturday Bluegrass headliners, Lonesome River Band, Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out, and Rhonda Vincent & The Rage, respectively. Rounding out the lineup are The Grascals, Flatt Lonesome, Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers, Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper, Nothin' Fancy, Becky Buller Band, Breaking Grass, Mountain Faith, Volume Five, Trinity River Band, and Chasin' Steel. Also included in the program is Master of Ceremonies, Blake Williams, who first performed at the festival in the 1980's as part of Bill Monroe and The Blue Grass Boys.

The Milan Bluegrass Festival runs August 3rd through 5th, 2017 and is located at KC Campground, 14048 Sherman Road in Milan, MI. For more information on tickets, camping reservations, and general inquiries, please visit or call (734) 439-1076.

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Nu-Blu Unveils Official Video for Latest Single “Still Small Voice”

Sun, 05/21/2017 - 19:54
Nashville, TN -- Bluegrass sensation Nu-Blu just unveiled the brand new video for their current single, "Still Small Voice." The song serves as their lead release from their brand new album Vagabonds, which hit stores last month. The upbeat sing-along also features Country Music Hall of Fame Statler Brothers singer Jimmy Fortune, with special guest, Gospel award-winning singer Ben Isaacs. The video premiered exclusively on The Boot. Fans can purchase "Still Small Voice" and the latest album on iTunes, Amazon and wherever music is sold.

"Our new video for 'Still Small Voice' was a load of fun to make," said Nu-Blu's lead vocalist Carolyn Routh. "We always have a great time collaborating and creating, but this video uses a little different approach. We take you inside the studio to get a real up-close and personal look at our recording process."

Filmed at Red Squared Audio in North Carolina, Nu-Blu took fans inside the studio for the fun video which features the band recording the upbeat bluegrass favorite. The video also includes in-studio footage of Jimmy Fortune and Ben Isaacs tracking Jimmy's vocals with Nu-Blu during the session at Skaggs Place Studio in Hendersonville, Tennessee. The single continues to generate buzz at radio and beyond with ParcBench saying that "like nearly every track, the single is thoughtful and inspiring..." Radio DJs can download the full album on AirplayDirect now!

Nu-Blu's latest album Vagabonds is off to a rocking start with press raving about the new collection of music. Roughstock stated that "Vagabonds is a record not to miss; especially for traditional country music fans looking for something new," while Digital Journal called the album "beautiful and refreshing." The Country Standard Time agreed, stating that "Vagabonds displays a confident band, minding the bluegrass tradition, but adding its own splash of emotion and clarity."

Hailing from Siler City, NC, the textbook definition of a picturesque small southern town, Nu-Blu's heart and soul is husband-and-wife duo Daniel and Carolyn Routh. Carolyn's caramel-coated soprano is one of the band's defining traits, at times a tender lullaby, at times a freight train headed straight for you, but always unwinding a surprising tale. Daniel is the group's backbone, a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who also handles band management. TJ Honaker on vocals and banjo, and Clint White on fiddle/mandolin round out the quartet's warm, layered, American roots sound. Together they deliver upbeat, blazing-fingers pick work just as well as gentle, heartwarming ballads, and they do it all with a natural togetherness that can't be faked, forged over hundreds of shows on the road.

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Russell Moore Announced as Uncle Dave Macon Days Heritage Award Recipient

Sat, 05/20/2017 - 19:08
Uncle Dave Macon Days Heritage Award recepient is Russell Moore. The Uncle Dave Macon Days Heritage Award recognizes and honors individuals who have dedicated their careers and life perpetuating, preserving and promoting old-time music and dance. Moore joins the ranks of many of his peers including Doyle Lawson, Dailey & Vinent, Jesse McReynolds, Rhonda Vincent, Marty Stuart LeRoy Troy, and many more.

Russell Moore comments,"We are excited to return to the Uncle Dave Macon Days Festival in July, especially since I'll be receiving a BIG award! Seriously...I'm pretty humbled to say the least that the UDMD Board of Directors have chosen me as this year's Heritage Award winner. Getting to do what you love to do for a living is a blessing and I am so thankful for that. People who know me well, know that I'm not one to toot my own horn or pat myself on the back, so I'm going to leave it up to other people to qualify me being the recipient of this prestigious award. I'm really honored to be receiving the Heritage Award, albeit a gentle reminder that I'm not 20 years old anymore. Be sure to check out the UDMD website for details on the entire event and make plans to join us for our portion on Saturday, July 8th!

The International Bluegrass Music Association’s (IBMA) most awarded Male Vocalist of the Year (5-time career), Russell Moore, is truly at the top of his game. Fronting one of the most popular bands in bluegrass history. Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out is celebrating nearly 25 years as one of the genres most awarded and influential groups in modern day bluegrass. All in all, the band has garnered over 50 industry accolades since their inception in 1991 including being named the IBMA’s Vocal Group of the Year seven consecutive years.

Their a cappella renditions of many songs can rarely be matched and their superb instrumentation provides even more quality sound to their rich vocal blend featuring one of the most respected lead vocalists of all time.

All this along with a heavy touring schedule, including many performances on the Grand Ole Opry as well as GAC and RFD channel programs, over 17 recordings to date, and a desire to present their fans with the best music possible, makes this “supergroup” one of bluegrass music’s most recognized and in-demand bands. The ensemble celebrated tremendous success with the release of their first studio project in five years in 2010 and their latest CD, Timeless Hits From The Past Bluegrassed, sold exclusively through Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, is ranked #5 on Billboard’s Top Selling Bluegrass Albums of 2013.

Add it all up, and the future is looking very bright for Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out. Indeed, if one measure of success is the degree to which younger and newer musicians look to a group for inspiration, then Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out are about as successful as a bluegrass group can be, for a whole generation of young pickers and singers can be heard across the country trying their hand at IIIrd Tyme Out classics.

(Left to Right: UDMD Board Member Dr. Michael Doubler, Russell Moore, UDMD Executive Director Ben Wilson, UDMD Board of Directors President Gloria Christy)

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Wide Open Main Stage: 1st Round of Headliners Announced

Fri, 05/19/2017 - 19:16

Nashville, TN -- The International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) has announced their first round of artists to be performing at the Wide Open Main Stage during their World of Bluegrass trade show's weekend festival. World of Bluegrass will take place place September 26-28 and the Wide Open Bluegrass Festival immediately follows on September 29-30 weekend.

Wide Open Bluegrass is the urban bluegrass music festival that closes out the IBMA's World of Bluegrass week in beautiful downtown Raleigh! The festival (formerly known as FanFest) features the best in our traditional and acoustic music community. Up to half of the net proceeds support the Bluegrass Trust Fund, a non-profit organization helping bluegrass professionals in times of need.

In addition to the stellar ticketed main stage, the festival now includes a FREE street festival. For the 5th year, Raleigh will host 90+ bands on 5 stages for your enjoyment. There will also be a dance tent, local artisans, food trucks, youth performances, and more! Don’t miss the Master’s Workshop Stage inside Raleigh Convention Center. There will be plenty of free jamming for your listening pleasure.

The first round headliners include some of the finest bluegrass artists on the planet. Attendees will get to experience first hand:

  • The Infamous Stringdusters present the Wide Open Jam
  • Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn
  • Hot Rize
  • The Travelin' McCourys
  • The O'Connor Band featuring Mark O'Connor
  • Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver
  • Balsam Range
  • Lonesome River Band Celebrating their 35th Anniversary!
  • Sierra Hull
  • Sister Sadie
  • Flatt Lonesome
  • Bluegrass 45 Celebrating their 50th Anniversary!

The Main Stage of Wide Open Bluegrass has proven to be a hot ticket, so be sure to get your membership today and take advantage of early ticket sales and discounts. Don’t miss a note of the action! Tickets are available online HERE.

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8th Festy Experience Unveils First Half of Artist Lineup

Wed, 05/17/2017 - 20:52

Charlottesville, VA -- The Festy Experience is excited to announce the first half of its music lineup for the 8th annual festival, happening October 5-8, 2017 in the Blue Ridge Bowl at Infinity Downs Farm in Arrington, Virginia. The lineup comprises a carefully curated blend of national and local roots music acts, featuring The Infamous Stringdusters, Drive-By Truckers, Sam Bush Band, The Travelin' McCourys, The Jerry Douglas Band, Cabinet, Billy Strings, Love Canon, Carl Anderson, and The 8th Annual Garrettgrass Gospel Hour. And this is just half of the artist lineup. The next installment of artists will be announced on Wednesday, June 14th. Tickets are on-sale now.

The Festy Experience came about as an idea between Virginia-native Michael Allenby and The Infamous Stringdusters in 2009. Allenby's Charlottesville-based company, The Artist Farm, was working with the band at the time in management. They got to talking and wanted to organize an event that grew out of the band's shared experiences with fans over the years on the road. Music was a focus, but it was always more than music to them. Some had started raising families and community has always been at the heart of their involvement in the festival scene.

Throughout the event's seven-year history, The Festy Experience team has worked hard to produce a festival experience that illustrates its core values: a love of craft food & beer (they will be offering a variety of Virginia's award winning craft beer), appreciation for the outdoors, and stellar music. A family-friendly atmosphere is key; along with a family camping area, there will be a large kids area, a teen zone, special programming, a kids instrument making workshop, as well as other family activities.

With acres of meadows and miles of trails, The Festy Experience is crafting a full weekend of outdoor activities that will include Disc Golf and many other outdoor activities... plus Guided Nature Tours, Trail Runs, and Hosted Bike Rides. Of course they'll still have an amazing YOGA program, plus the 22nd Annual Blue Ridge Burn (5k/10k)! Stay tuned for more information on activities, workshops, and special accommodations.

This will be The Festy Experience's second year at Infinity Downs Farm, a 387-acre property in Arrington, VA, located in the Nelson County Preserve at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Central Virginia adjacent to the site of LOCKN' Festival. The property features outdoor amphitheaters, open fields, campgrounds, hiking, and over 7 miles of biking trails. The Festy is fortunate that Infinity Downs Farm has been investing in extremely rare infrastructure (fencing, power, roads, water, internet) that will provide a sturdy foundation for The Festy Experience to continue its mission of long-term sustainability. It is conveniently located just 35 miles south of Charlottesville and 30 miles north of Lynchburg.

Tickets are on sale now and there are plenty of options including Weekend Camping, Car Camping, Family Camping, RV (powered or non-powered options), Individual Day, and Weekend-Day Passes with addition parking fees added on depending on your needs. Kids under 12 are free and there are special rates for teens (13-17). If you have any questions please contact us at or 434-220-4000.

The Festy Experience is excited to announce that All Weekend Access Tickets now include FREE Thursday Arrival (making it 4 days total over Columbus Day weekend). This is made possible because of a grant from the Virginia Tourism Corporation (VTC) who recently awarded sponsorships to 32 Virginia music festivals, including The Festy Experience.

Anyone that purchases an All Weekend ticket will also receive a FREE commemorative steel pint cup from The Festy's Partner Klean Kanteen. This is part of the festival's commitment to environmental sustainability and used for beer purchases and water from free filling stations throughout the event.

Watch out for a series of events throughout the year in central Virginia to keep The Festy Experience around all year such as Bluegrass Brunch, listening room shows, and other special family friendly events.

The Festy Experience ~ First Half of 2017 Lineup:

  • The Infamous Stringdusters
  • Drive-By Truckers
  • Sam Bush Band
  • The Travelin' McCourys
  • The Jerry Douglas Band
  • Cabinet
  • Billy Strings
  • Love Canon
  • Carl Anderson
  • The 8th Annual Garrettgrass Gospel Hour
  • More TBA in June!

Tickets and more information are available at The Fest Experience takes place at the Blue Ridge Bowl at Infinity Downs Farm located at 1510 Diggs Mountain Road in Arrington, VA 22922

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WoodSongs III - Insights by Folksinger Michael Johnathon

Tue, 05/16/2017 - 18:38

For anybody who has enjoyed the WoodSongs Old-Time Radio Hour, folk singer Michael Johnathon is no stranger. In his most recent project, WoodSongs III, Michael opens up and the reader gets an insight into who he is and where he's been, where he's going and his ideas on how to make the music world a better place for up and coming musicians.

From his log cabin front porch to the global media, he has proven again and again that it is the desire and dedication to get something done that leads to success. After all, "how hard can it be?" From building bridges to writing complete operas, the answer is often, "quite difficult" but never "impossible."

Banjo or guitar, the songwriter faithfully keeps moving forward. Often emulating, but never copying, the ways of his early neighbor and friend, Pete Seeger, the goal is one of love. Love of performing. Love of having friends over fans. Love of the arts. Love of being an individual. Love of family. Love of freedom. And, love of Free.

WoodSongs III has several messages and themes in its various chapters. While tied together in this volume, they are quite separable. The benefits and rewards of Free and the illness of an entire industry built on the love of money rather than just love.

This is more than just a social commentary on his view of the world, specifically, the music world. It is, in fact, multiple commentaries bound within a single volume. This is a collection on everything from "the pig", the unlimited dimensions of the arts, making dreams come real, what's in a name, the performance rights organizations (PROs), non-protest protest songs, Banjos, and Guns. One can love it all. After all, "how hard can it be?" While "pretty ding dang hard", the answer is always a positive one that is never impossible.

Because of the breadth of the topics covered under the WoodSongs III umbrella, the reader not only gets to know Johnathon better, the reader gets a glimpse into how to make the world a better place. Johnathon finds solutions to problems, whatever they may be. He manages to straddle the rail between critic or complainer to that of an innovator or a Mr. Fixit. He doesn't really complain about the woes of the industry he loves but, rather, just gives us ideas on how to make it even better. He doesn't dwell on its ills but, rather, on the vaccines that will keep the industry healthy and not let it get ill in the first place. He doesn't try and get rid of what has been going on for decades but, rather shines a light on where the growth may want to venture. He looks forward, not back, making this book is a refreshing vision to the future.

Folksongs frequently are protest songs. In WoodSongs III we get some positive protesting with the focus on allowing the arts to be free. A kind of Recipe Book, music business insider Michael Johnathon shows us how to cook up and serve free as it pertains to music. Free to the venues. Free to where artists can perform. Free to where the music can be heard and experienced. Free to open new doors and sprouting new roots. Free to be exposed to the world. Advocating for free brings rewards. Creating positive and financial rewards. It is the consummate Win-Win situation where the artist, fans & friends, PROs, everybody wins.

The importance of the Front Porch in music is reinforced here. Other artists and authors have commented on this repeatedly over the years and Michael expresses why it is so important today. This book offers a variety of insights into the music business and presents a unique view of at least one direction that may save it from itself. Anybody interested in music from front porches, garage bands to successful Grammy winners will find something to think about here. Grab a copy, read the words, listen to the music, read the lyrics and consume WoodSongs III. You won't go away hungry.

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Hillbilly Gypsies Return to Carter Family Fold May 20

Sun, 05/14/2017 - 19:34

Hiltons, VA -- Saturday, May 20, 2017, at 7:30 p.m. the Carter Family Fold in Hiltons, Virginia, will present a concert by the Hillbilly Gypsies. Hailing from the beautiful mountain state of West Virginia, the Hillbilly Gypsies have been making and performing their own brand of old time bluegrass and original mountain music for over a decade. Formed in 2001 from a chance meeting at the now infamous Wednesday night old time jam in Morgantown, West Virginia, the Hillbilly Gypsies have been pickin' and grinnin' and entertaining their loyal fans ever since.

Jamie Lynn Buckner of the Hillbilly Gypsies announced in January that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Since her announcement, both the band's website and her own have been receiving good wishes and prayers for her. She has undergone surgery and is being treated.

The band is best known for their high-energy live performances and has become a crowd favorite at major festivals, fairs and concert venues all across the mid-Atlantic region and abroad. They perform in the old fashioned style, playing around a single vintage ribbon microphone. This "old timey" approach adds an authentic high-energy barn party atmosphere to their show. Watching the whole band work around the mic is like taking a trip back in time. It'll sure make you want to get up and dance!

And don't let the flash of their lively stage performance and choreography fool ya. These folks are highly skilled musicians and seasoned entertainers. Their lightning fast, award-winning picking skills and musical arrangements mixed with natural comedic wit and high lonesome mountain vocal harmonies are sure to catch your ear right away. Combine that with a knack for original songwriting and a strong passion for old time and traditional music, and this makes for an authentic and exciting musical experience that you won't soon forget. One listen and you'll know that you are getting the real deal! The Gypsies are more than a band – they are a tight-knit family, mindful of tradition but bold explorers of new and authentic styles of acoustic music and entertainment.

Trae and Jamie Lynn Buckner, original founding members and lead singers for the band as well as husband and wife, have also performed internationally on multiple occasions. They have performed three times at the Al Ras Bluegrass and Old Time Music Festival in Barcelona, Spain – headlining the festival's ten year anniversary. In addition to Barcelona, they have performed in Prague, the Czech Republic. They have travelled to Ireland where they made several appearances and lots of new friends. Trae and Jamie Lynn not only represent the Hillbilly Gypsies, they represent American mountain music and the heritage and culture of West Virginia and Appalachia while traveling abroad.

Ryan Cramer is from Hedgesville, WV and holds down the upright bass for the band. Ryan is a talented multi-instrumentalist as well as one heck of a mechanic. (Every touring band needs one!) He has worked with several bands throughout his musical career and has been running with the Hillbilly Gypsies for years! Ryan's musical interests and influences are as diverse as they come. He's a very open minded musician and always knows how to keep his bass playing very tasteful, authentic and right in the pocket!

Multi-instrumentalist Ben Townsend was born and raised in Romney, West Virginia. He has studied Appalachian traditional music extensively. With banjo mentors such as Riley Baugus and Ron Mullennex, and Fiddle mentors the likes of Dave Bing, Joe Herrmann and Earl White, Townsend has studied a variety of old-time traditions ranging from the archaic, haunting fiddle of his home to the Round Peak music of North Carolina and Virginia to the Bluegrass of East Kentucky and Ohio. He had been a member of The Fox Hunt, Old Sledge, The Iron Leg Boys, The Hackensaw Boys, and now the Hillbilly Gypsies.

Levi Houston Sanders hails from Daybrook, WV. He is a talented multi-instrumentalist as well as a historian who specializes in British Empire, Africa and Napoleon. Levi has won and placed in several regional banjo competitions and took first place in the 2016 Maryland State Clawhammer Championship, the Friendsville, MD Banjo Championship and the West Virginia Open State Banjo Competition in Elkins, WV! Levi's style and musical influences are all across the board but, right away, you'll recognize his combinations of Don Reno, Earl Scruggs & Ralph Stanley styles as well as a unique Vaudeville approach in his banjo playing. This wonderful mix of styles really makes Levi's playing uniquely stand out and sure does add perfectly to the authentic and old timey sounds that the Hillbilly Gypsies are known for!

Through the years, a dozen members of the Hillbilly Gypsies have joined the band and later moved on. Some still pop in from time to time and join the Gypsies on stage. Once a Hillbilly Gypsy – always a Hillbilly Gypsy. The group has released six CDs over the years that represent some of the best Appalachian music you'll ever hear. Admission to the concert is $10 for adults, $2 for children 6 to 11, under age 6 free.

For an evening of unforgettable old time, bluegrass, and traditional music - come out and see the Hillbilly Gypsies at the Carter Family Fold. Don't forget to bring along your dancing shoes. Their gospel tunes are reminiscent of the old time tent meetings, and there will be music to suit everyone's taste. Be prepared for an evening of high-energy, no holds barred family fun! The Gypsies have become a Carter Family Fold favorite. To learn more about the Hillbilly Gypsies, go to their site at:

Our Carter Family Museum and the A.P. Carter Birthplace Cabin both open at 6:00 p.m. and again at our intermission. You'll want to be sure to visit both of these historic landmarks.
Carter Family Memorial Music Center, Incorporated, is a nonprofit, rural arts organization established to preserve traditional, acoustic, mountain music. Our concerts are family friendly, with no alcohol or drugs allowed. For further information on the center, go to

Shows from the Carter Family Fold can be accessed on the internet at Partial funding for programs is provided by the Virginia Commission for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts. For recorded information on shows coming up at the Fold, call our information line - 276-386-6054. We're on Facebook – page Carter Fold – & Twitter – @carterfoldinfo.

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“Original” Defining Bobby Osborne's Legacy

Fri, 05/12/2017 - 19:59
Nashville, TN -- At 85, bluegrass icon Bobby Osborne is having a career defining moment with his new album Original. A feature on, a #1 debut at bluegrass radio (a very rare occurrance on this chart), premiering his first ever official music video via The Tennnessean, and having a co-write on the title track to Alison Krauss' #1 album WINDY CITY, seem to signifiy a powerful aligning of the fates and a return to form for this trailblazing artist.

Original producer Alison Brown pulled together the resources and a cast of bluegrass music's finest players and singers for the recording. Vince Gill, Sam Bush, Sierra Hull, and the McCoury Brothers are just a few of the artists more than happy to speak on camera about what Bobby means to bluegrass music and the impact he's had on their lives and careers.

Bobby recently stopped by 650AM WSM to chat with Eddie Stubbs about the new record and on May 26th Bobby sits down with Kyle Cantrell from SiriusXM Bluegrass Junction and Alison Brown for a track by track. Broadcast times are 7:00-11:00 AM, with rebroadcast 5/27 at 9 PM--all times EASTERN.

In the remaining weeks leading up to the release, Bobby will maintain his weekly appearances at the Opry where the record is exclusively available until June 2. Look out for more information about an upcoming special segment at the Opry featuring some of the album's players as well as a CD signing at the Opry store. Additionally, he'll be signing albums at the Ernest Tubb Record store on July 8th.

Bobby Osborne is one of bluegrass music's true innovators. His trailblazing work with The Osborne Brothers, who charted 13 Billboard Country top 100 hits in the 1960s and 70s, took the sounds of the banjo, mandolin and Bobby's one of a kind tenor voice to a mainstream radio audience – one of only a handful of acts in the history of bluegrass ever to have achieved cross over success. Blurring the boundaries between bluegrass and country music, The Osborne Brothers were the connective tissue between the first generation creators of bluegrass and the subsequent generation of newgrass musicians who, in turn, paved the way for the diversity and innovation that characterize contemporary bluegrass.

Now, nearly 60 years into his career, Bobby Osborne has delivered Original. It is the defining album of his solo career and cements his legacy as one of the genre's most important artists. At 85 years old, when he could be resting on his many laurels, Bobby is still driven by a desire to push the musical envelope. Alison Brown recognized a kindred spirit in Bobby while working with him in the studio on Peter Rowan's album, The Old School. During one of the sessions Bobby mentioned that he wasn't sure he'd have the chance to make another solo album. It was clear to Alison that Bobby still had something important to say musically and that realization became the genesis for the album.

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Dailey & Vincent's “Patriots & Poets” Available at Cracker Barrel

Thu, 05/11/2017 - 20:58
Nashville, TN -- Fans of Grand Ole Opry stars Dailey & Vincent now have a new way to purchase the latest album, Patriots & Poets. The hit project was just added into Cracker Barrel Old Country Store® locations nationwide. Released via Dreamlined Entertainment Group and BFD (distributed via RED), Patriots & Poets serves as the IBMA “Entertainer of the Year” winner’s first album with all-new, all-original material. In addition to Cracker Barrel Old Country Store®, fans can also purchase the album on iTunes, Amazon, or wherever music is sold.

“We are excited to work again with our good friends at Cracker Barrel Ole Country Store®,” said Jamie Dailey. “We not only appreciate their friendship, but we love their food and music they provide in their stores.”

Music enthusiasts in bluegrass music and beyond are talking about the songs from Patriots & Poets. The lead single, “Gimme All The Love You Got” stormed its way onto the Bluegrass Today Weekly Airplay Chart, where it spent two weeks at No. 1. The track was Dailey & Vincent’s fastest trip to the top spot, after only two weeks on the popular survey. The dynamic duo also released a brand new video for “That Feel Good Music.” The fun, upbeat video features Country Music Hall of Fame singer Bill Anderson, who also co-wrote the song alongside Jamie Dailey and Jeffrey East. Watch the full video below.

Dailey & Vincent fans will have the opportunity to be a part of the Grammy nominee’s monumental year by catching the duo as they hit the road throughout 2017. The blockbuster tour includes stops at venues and festivals across North America (see summer dates below). Fans will get an up-close and personal experience Sept. 14-16 as Dailey & Vincent LandFest In The Mountains takes place in Hiawassee, Georgia. The 3-day festival also features other artists like Jerry Douglas Presents the Earls of Leicester, The Del McCoury Band, Sierra Hull, Primitive Quartet, as well as current and former members of the legendary Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver. Learn more and purchase tickets HERE.

Five-time GRAMMY® award winners individually, three-time GRAMMY® award nominees collectively, four-time DOVE Award winners, and winners of 35 IBMA Awards altogether (including 3-time IBMA Entertainer of the Year Award winners and 3-Time Vocal Group of the Year Award winners), Jamie Dailey and Darrin Vincent, backed by one of the best bands on tour today, are some of the most reputable and elite entertainers in American music; bluegrass, traditional country and gospel music. The concoction of the fantastically instinctive vocal blends of Dailey's tenor and Vincent's reedy harmonies has gained them well-deserved praise for their own distinctive style and worldwide recognition as American Music gold.

Dailey & Vincent has garnered world-wide attention with their first national, top-rated television series, "The Dailey & Vincent Show," on RFD TV and over 500 airings of their PBS special "Dailey & Vincent ALIVE - In Concert." Their most recent CD, Dailey & Vincent ALIVE, debuted at #1 on the Billboard Bluegrass charts and remained at the top position for over 15 weeks. For more information, visit

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2017 Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion Lineup Announced

Wed, 05/10/2017 - 19:13

Bristol, VA/TN -- The Birthplace of Country Music (BCM) has released the initial lineup for it’s 17th annual Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion music festival, to be held September 15-17, 2017. This year, the festival gets even better than previous years. Headlining the Reunion will be Dwight Yoakam. Other hot acts will include Jerry Douglas and the Earls of Leicester, Rodney Crowell, The Infamous Stringdusters, The SteelDrivers, Mark O'Connor and the O'Connor Band, Judah & The Lion and a host of other fine artists covering many styles. Buy your tickets here.

Once again, the festival has their website up where you can tailor your own schedule to maximize your Rhythm & Roots experience. Fans can create the lineup they wish to attend among the many stages and acts. Visitors can create their own lineup through the festival’s website or through the festival’s mobile app, coming soon. This year the website and the mobile app will sync up so any changes made to your custom schedule will appear on both the website and the app. Single-day passes to the festival are available on the website.

Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion is held on and around State Street in Historic Downtown Bristol, Virginia/Tennessee and offers 20 stages of live music and more than 130 acts. Nearly 50,000 people attended the event last year. While it is impossible to attend all the events due to the number of artists and stages, this is the place where we can go pretty out of the trench to find new music to experience. With so much regional talent in once place, that isn't difficult to do. It's everywhere! From bluegrass to blues and string bands to traditional country its a smorgasboard of acoustic tastes to please almost any pallet. It is also a great event to explore new talent to sample.

Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion isn't like any other music event I have ever attended. 20 stages with performances covering three days with a very diverse group of artists representing roots music from the region and the county results in something for everybody. It is fun to visit the stages and the smaller acts in between the main shows.

The lineup for this year's 17th annual event includes (alphabetically)

  • "Hello Stranger" featuring Dale Jett
  • 10 String Symphony
  • 49 Winchester
  • Adam Graybeal's Hillbilly Soul
  • Ali Epperson
  • Amanda Shires
  • American Aquarium
  • Amythyst Kiah
  • Annabelle's Curse
  • Annie Robinette
  • Becky Buller Band
  • Beth Snapp
  • Bill & The Belles
  • Billy Crawford Band
  • Billy Strings
  • Boots on the Ground Bluegrass Band
  • Breaking Tradition
  • Briana Atwell
  • C2 and the Brothers Reed
  • Carson Peters & Iron Mountain
  • Charlie Parr
  • Charm City Junction
  • Chris Jamison
  • Chris Knight
  • Chrome Pony
  • Circus No. 9
  • Colter Wall
  • Cookin' With Grass
  • Corrina Rose Logston & Jeremy Stephens
  • Cotton Hill
  • Dan Deel
  • David Gans
  • David Peterson & 1946
  • Dead Man Winter
  • Deer Tick
  • Demon Waffle
  • Devon Gilfillian
  • Dwight Yoakam
  • Ed Snodderly
  • Elliot Root
  • Farmer Jason
  • Farmhouse Ghost
  • Folk Alt.
  • Folk Soul Revival
  • Fritz & Co.
  • Front Country
  • Harper and the Bears
  • Hello October
  • Hiss Golden Messenger
  • Hoots & Hellmouth
  • Indighost
  • J.P. Parsons & The American Bandwagon
  • Jake Quillin Band
  • James Meadows
  • Jason "Hoss" Hicks & His Southsiders
  • Jerry Douglas Presents Earls of Leicester
  • Jesse McReynolds
  • Jonathan Vassar & The Badlands
  • Judah & The Lion
  • JV Squad
  • Kacey Buchanan
  • Karl Shiflett & Big Country Show
  • Langhorne Slim
  • Lillie Mae
  • Lilly Winwood
  • Lonesome River Band
  • Love Canon
  • Mandolin Orange
  • Mark O'Connor featuring the O'Connor Band
  • Marshall Ballew
  • Mile Twelve
  • Minute After Midnight
  • My New Favorites
  • Old Heavy Hands
  • Paul Cauthen
  • Petunia & The Vipers
  • Pierceton Hobbs
  • Po' Ramblin' Boys
  • Possum Creek Playboys
  • Reagan Boggs
  • Rhythm & The Roosevelts
  • Rodney Crowell
  • Ron Gallo
  • Ron Short & The Possum Playboys
  • Sally & George
  • Scotty Melton
  • Son Volt
  • Southern Culture on the Skids
  • Tellico
  • The Black Lillies
  • The Bones of J.R. Jones
  • The Broadcast
  • The Cactus Blossoms
  • The Corklickers
  • The Dead Tongues
  • The Deslondes
  • The Dread Scots
  • The Dustbowl Revival
  • The Green Fingers
  • The Honey Badgers
  • The Infamous Stringdusters
  • The Kindest People
  • The Lawsuits
  • The Sheets Family Band
  • The SteelDrivers
  • The U.S. Navy Band Country Current
  • The Way Down Wanderers
  • The Whiskey Gentry
  • These Are The Angles
  • Tim Easton
  • Tiny Mountains
  • Tyler Childers
  • Vandoliers
  • Virginia Ground
  • Whiskey Shivers
  • Will Hoge
  • Wise Old River
  • Zach Deputy
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Town Branch Bluegrass at Carter Fold May 13th

Tue, 05/09/2017 - 19:54

Hiltons, VA -- As long as bluegrass music has echoed through the hills and valleys of the Appalachian region, musicians of all ages have gathered together to play and preserve their favorite style of music. From Lee County, Virginia, this southwestern Virginia group showcases the traditional songs of yesterday, along with the driving sound of a modern style. The band began doing back porch picking and performing at local events nine years ago. Town Branch Bluegrass is now one of the region's hottest bands. Saturday, May 13th, 2017, at 7:30 p.m. the Carter Family Fold in Hiltons, Virginia, will present a concert by the Town Branch Bluegrass band.

As long as bluegrass music has echoed through the hills and valleys of the Appalachian region, musicians of all ages have gathered together to play and preserve their favorite style of music. From Lee County, Virginia, this southwestern Virginia group showcases the traditional songs of yesterday, along with the driving sound of a modern style. The band began doing back porch picking and performing at local events nine years ago. Town Branch Bluegrass is now one of the region's hottest bands.

The group features Brandon Elkins on banjo, Bill Newman on mandolin, Peggy Ely on bass, Shirley Smith on vocals, and Jack and Wayne Bonham on guitar and vocals. Occasionally, the band showcases an up-and-coming member on vocals – Miss Bailey Elkins. Hopefully, she'll help out on a few of her favorite tunes. For further information on the band, go to

For a night of some of the best bluegrass music the region has to offer, don't miss Town Branch Bluegrass band at the Carter Family Fold. Admission to the concert is $10 for adults, $2 for children 6 to 11, under age 6 free. Be sure to bring your friends along, and don't forget your dancing shoes! Town Branch Bluegrass Band has become a Carter Fold favorite, and their concert will be a night of family, down-home fun. Come on out and join us! Our Carter Family Museum and the A.P. Carter Birthplace Cabin both open at 6:00 p.m. and again at our intermission. You'll want to be sure to visit both of these historic landmarks.

Carter Family Memorial Music Center, Incorporated, is a nonprofit, rural arts organization established to preserve traditional, acoustic, mountain music. Our concerts are family friendly, with no alcohol or drugs allowed. For further information on the center, go to Shows from the Carter Family Fold can be accessed on the internet at Partial funding for programs is provided by the Virginia Commission for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts. For recorded information on shows coming up at the Fold, call our information line - 276-386-6054. We're on Facebook – page Carter Fold – & Twitter – @carterfoldinfo.

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Blue Highway's Jason Burleson Marries Courtney Austin

Sun, 05/07/2017 - 20:36

Blue Highway's force on the five string, Jason Burleson, married Courtney Austin on Saturday, April 29th. Jason and Courtney just had a small beautiful ceremony for close family. She looked radiant, they're definitely in love and both super happy. Of course, the Blue Highway family is happy for them!

"Bad to the Bluegrass bone ..." That's one die-hard bluegrass fan's description of Blue Highway's force on the five string, Jason Burleson. With a genuine gift for vocals, picking, and songwriting, Jason's finesse and skill on the five make him one of the most explosive and dynamic banjo players in the genre. Jason is a native of Newland, NC, and a founding member of Blue Highway.

Blue Highway has earned 26 collective IBMA Awards, 6 SPBGMA Awards, one Dove Award, and three Grammy nominations as a band, plus two Grammy Awards among its current members.

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Dailey & Vincent Team Up With Whisperin' Bill Anderson for New Video

Tue, 05/02/2017 - 19:33
Nashville, TN -- American music stars Dailey & Vincent just premiered the brand new video for their song "That Feel Good Music." The fun, upbeat video features the award-winning pair teaming up with Country Music Hall of Fame singer-songwriter Whisperin' Bill Anderson, who also co-wrote the track alongside Jamie Dailey and Jeffrey East. "That Feel Good Music" is featured on the Grammy-nominated duo's latest critically-acclaimed album Patriots & Poets, which was released last month via Dreamlined Entertainment Group and BFD (distributed via RED). The video premiered exclusively on The Boot.

Filmed on-location in Jamie Dailey's hometown - the scenic Gainesboro, Tennessee, the video features Dailey & Vincent and Bill Anderson taking a drive, while cranking up "That Feel Good Music." Throughout the fun video there are several twists and turns, including singing, square dancing, and a brief run-in with the law. The visual was directed by Jennifer Bonior. At the conclusion of the video, Dailey & Vincent and Anderson walk back to the tour bus to return "home" to the Grand Ole Opry.

With 2017 being a career defining year, Dailey & Vincent have continued to reach new heights. As the newest members of the legendary Grand Ole Opry, the IBMA winners became part of an elite group of musicians and artists who helped define country, bluegrass, American music and beyond. With the release of their new project Patriots & Poets, Dailey & Vincent have brought their sound to fans on a national level with recent features in The Huffington Post,, SiriusXM and more. The lively pair are hitting the road in celebration of the new project, with stops at venues and festivals nationwide. Dailey & Vincent LandFest In The Mountains, the duo's annual festival, will take place September 14-16 in Hiawassee, Georgia, where fans will be treated to a full weekend of music and fun (Tickets available HERE).

Five-time GRAMMY® award winners individually, three-time GRAMMY® award nominees collectively, four-time DOVE Award winners, and winners of 35 IBMA Awards altogether (including 3-time IBMA Entertainer of the Year Award winners and 3-Time Vocal Group of the Year Award winners), Jamie Dailey and Darrin Vincent, backed by one of the best bands on tour today, are some of the most reputable and elite entertainers in American music: bluegrass, traditional country and gospel music. The concoction of the fantastically instinctive vocal blends of Dailey's tenor and Vincent's reedy harmonies has gained them well-deserved praise for their own distinctive style and worldwide recognition as American Music gold.

Dailey & Vincent has garnered world-wide attention with their first national, top-rated television series, "The Dailey & Vincent Show," on RFD TV and over 500 airings of their PBS special "Dailey & Vincent ALIVE - In Concert." Their most recent CD, Dailey & Vincent ALIVE, debuted at #1 on the Billboard Bluegrass charts and remained at the top position for over 15 weeks. For more information, visit

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Nu-Blu Releases Brand New Album “Vagabonds”

Tue, 05/02/2017 - 19:27

Nashville, TN -- The wait is over, as bluegrass/Americana group Nu-Blu releases their brand new album, Vagabonds. The project serves as the band's sixth studio album. The lead single, "Still Small Voice" featuring Country Music Hall of Fame singer Jimmy Fortune has continued to turn heads since its release earlier this year, debuting this month on the Bluegrass Unlimited National Bluegrass Survey prior to the release of the highly anticipated project. The collection is released via Voxhall Records, and made available on iTunes, Amazon and wherever music is sold.

"We are happy to be able to present to our fans this collection of songs, straight from our heart," said Nu-Blu lead vocalist Carolyn Routh. "It's even more exciting that 'Still Small Voice' debuted on this month's National Bluegrass Survey in Bluegrass Unlimited. Thank you all and we hope you enjoy, Vagabonds."

Vagabonds is a refreshing departure in Bluegrass. Nu-Blu brings a new dimension and new life to a broad variety of material. This album is an enjoyable journey for all musical vagabonds.
 ~Bob Cherry, Cybergrass

Nu-Blu is kicking their promotional efforts into high gear. In addition to appearing on middle-Tennessee's hit program Today in Nashville, the award-winning group also stopped by the legendary WSM 650AM studios to perform songs off of the new album on Nashville Today, hosted by Devon O'Day. There are no signs of slowing down any time soon, with upcoming features on the syndicated radio program Whisky & Cigarettes, the TV show Nashville Entertainment Weekly, and more. Nu-Blu will also be the very special guests this Sunday evening for The Music Row Show, where they will talk about the recording process, and give listeners an inside glimpse of how the album was made.

The touring sensations are also returning to the road for The Vagabonds Tour, where fans will also have an opportunity to meet the band and purchase a copy of the new album. The must-see set list will feature a combination of fan favorites, covers, plus for the first time ever, Nu-Blu will perform cuts off of the new album. Fans can keep up with Nu-Blu's latest shows on their newly revamped website,

Vagabonds Track Listing:

  1. The Bridges That You’ve Burned
  2. A Lot More Love
  3. Still Small Voice (featuring Jimmy Fortune & Ben Isaacs)
  4. 640 Battlefield Drive
  5. How Many Rivers
  6. Troublemaker
  7. Gypsies on Parade
  8. A Fool and Her Heart
  9. Surround Me With Love
  10. Good Hearted Woman
  11. Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

Hailing from Siler City, NC, the textbook definition of a picturesque small southern town, Nu-Blu's heart and soul is husband-and-wife duo Daniel and Carolyn Routh. Carolyn's caramel-coated soprano is one of the band's defining traits, at times a tender lullaby, at times a freight train headed straight for you, but always unwinding a surprising tale. Daniel is the group's backbone, a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who also handles band management. TJ Honaker on vocals and banjo, and Clint White on fiddle/mandolin round out the quartet's warm, layered, American roots sound. Together they deliver upbeat, blazing-fingers pick work just as well as gentle, heartwarming ballads, and they do it all with a natural togetherness that can't be faked, forged over hundreds of shows on the road. You can learn more at

The Vagabonds Tour Dates:

  • May 5 - Wauseon, Ohio - McCance Cabin Concerts
  • May 6 - Howard City, Mich. - Zellie's Opry House
  • May 13 - Culpeper, Va. - Peace, Love and Bluegrass
  • May 27 - Grafton, Ohio - Grafton Fair
  • Jun 9 - Valdese, N.C. - Family Friday Nights
  • Jun 13 - Tucson, Ariz. - The Big Bluegrass Show
  • Jun 16-17 - Victorville, Calif. - Route 66 Bluegrass Festival
  • Jun 23 - Susanville, Calif. - Susanville Bluegrass Festival
  • Jun 24 - Cumberland Gap, Tenn. - White Lightning Festival
  • Jun 25 - Susanville, Calif. - Susanville Bluegrass Festival
  • Jul 15 - Selma, N.C. - Rudy Theater
  • Jul 22 - Ramseur, N.C. - Summer Concert Series
  • Jul 29 - Nashville, Tenn. - WSM Midnite Jamboree
  • Aug 04 - Glenwood Springs, Colo. - Garfield County Fair
  • Aug 19-20 - San Diego, Calif. - Summergrass
  • Aug 25 - Poway, calif. - San Diego Folk Heritage Concert
  • Aug 27 - Escondido, Calif. - Two Worlds Connect
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Larry Cordle's “Give Me Jesus” Sets Chart Record On AirPlay Direct

Mon, 05/01/2017 - 20:20

AirPlay Direct is pleased to announce that Larry Cordle's new CD Give Me Jesus is the fastest rising album to break the "Top 20" of the APD "Top 50 All-Time" Gospel Album Chart in the 12 year history of the company! Congratulations to all involved!

"God always puts the right people in our lives at the right time, for us to be successful," says Larry Cordle, Award winning Artist / Songwriter. "I believe He put Robert and Lynda Weingartz in my life to secure success for my new CD Give Me Jesus, that His name would be glorified. Jesus, for certain, deserves all the praise and glory for putting this music and these people in my life. Thank you AirPlay Direct and to all concerned."

Cordle, AKA The Mighty Cord, rounded up some of his closest friends to bring the album to life. He is joined by Carl Jackson, Jerry Salley, Val Storey, Don Rigsby, Bradley Walker, Lethal Jackson Angie La Primm and Gail Mayes on vocals.

“I've been working on this new gospel album for about a year and a half. I had to practically stop working on it while I was undergoing chemo for my leukemia, which by the grace of God is now in remission. I want to thank you all for the prayers sent up for me during and since my treatment” says Cord.

The liner notes were written by his good friend and songwriting buddy Larry “The Rev” Shell who wrote, “The Lord, knowing that Larry is a songwriter, gave him the words and melodies to many of these songs. In fact, if you listen to this collection, you will literally hear Larry’s personal testimony of his strong and enduring faith.” Cord and Shell wrote three songs on the album including one of the stand out tracks “The Old Thing’s Walkin’ About.” To read the unique and very funny story of how this song came about, you will certainly want to purchase one of the limited 12-page booklet copies.

Bluegrass radio programmers will enjoy “The Lonesome Road” with lead vocals by Carl Jackson’s dad, Lethal Jackson and also “God Had A Hand In It,” written by Carl Jackson and Jerry Salley, featuring guest vocalists Carl Jackson, Jerry Salley, Bradley Walker and Chris Latham.

Give Me JesusTracks include:

  1. "Two Coats"
  2. "Give Me Jesus"
  3. "It’s A Lonesome Road"
  4. "I’ll Meet You In the Morning"
  5. "The Old Thing’s Walkin’ About"
  6. "This Blood’s For You"
  7. "God Had A Hand In It"
  8. "Gone On Before"
  9. "Lost As A Ball In High Weeds"
  10. "The Old Ship Of Zion"
  11. "The First Step To Heaven"
  12. "Family Bible"
  13. "When You Pray, Will You Pray For Me"

Radio programmers can download the entire album at AirPlayDirect or request a digital or physical copy. Please visit or follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Kentucky Music Hall of Famer Larry Cordle is also a multi-award IBMA Award Winner, two-time Grammy nominee, and one of Nashville’s most revered Singer-Songwriters penning such hits as “Murder on Music Row” and “Highway 40 Blues.” His songs have been recorded by artists such as Ricky Skaggs, Alison Krauss, Rhonda Vincent, Garth Brooks, George Strait, Trisha Yearwood, Reba McEntire, Diamond Rio, Alan Jackson, Trace Adkins and many others.

He tours and records with his band Lonesome Standard Time, performs with as a Trio with Carl Jackson and Jerry Salley, and performs every Monday night for New Monday at the Station Inn in Nashville with Val Storey, Carl Jackson and more friends. In addition to his songwriting and role as a bandleader, Cordle is sometimes featured as a lead and/or background vocalist on some of Nashville’s most awarded and popular music. He’s provided harmony vocals for artists such as Garth Brooks, Blake Shelton, Bradley Walker, Billy Yates, Rebecca Lynn Howard and co-writing pal, Jerry Salley.

His lead and harmony singing is featured on Livin, Lovin, Losin: A Tribute to the Louvin Brothers, which won a GRAMMY for Best Country Album in 2003 and the 2004 IBMA Recorded Event of the Year Award. He’s also featured on two tracks of Moody Bluegrass, alongside artists such as Tim O’Brien, Alison Krauss, John Cowan, Harley Allen and again featured as lead vocalist on Moody Bluegrass II.

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